Facebook is watching you

So this is the first theory I found interesting…
Facebook became one of most popular social networks very fast and people share a lot of things there.. They are telling everyone what they do, where they are, with who they are, they even share their photos there… And this is reason why Facebook is simply really good source of quite secret informations about people.. When you what to know something about someone it’s the easiest way to just look for his Facebook profile and get informations straight from his page.. Really simple and fast so anyone can do it.. With a little bit of skill you can even baypass privacy settings so there is nothing blocking your way… Easy and clean, nobody knows who are you but you know about everyone… This way can be used by internet services so they know about your interests.. This is not even a theory nor conspiracy, this is real true fact and really good reason no to share every single thing about your life because you never know who can be stalking you…


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